Doops Daisy Large Bag SAMPLE

Doops Daisy Large Bag SAMPLE

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Our new bags are double the size of our other bags.

Doops reusable shopping bags are the perfect solution to stopping the use of plastic. Versatile and easy to use each bag scrunches up into a tiny pouch that comes with the bag. Machine washable fabric.

We keep a couple of pouches in our hand bag so we always have them to hand when we're shopping. 

Each bag is made of recycled plastic bottles to help keep waste out of landfill and reduce our reliance on plastic bags. 

Each bag is light and can be stuffed into the attached pouch. When you use the bag the pouch becomes a small side purse to hold things like keys or sunscreen.

Matches with our Lumo scarf

Bag Size 60 x 70cm high

Holds 18kg kilos

Each bag is made from 100% ripstop nylon (40% recycled)


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