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100% Kona cotton / digitally printed remnants


100% Kona cotton / digitally printed remnants

A collection remnants of my original prints. These pieces are offcuts from my production runs.
A sweet gift for a friend, a child, an artist, a designer, a maker and you.

• range from 10cm to 50cm
• around 20 pieces
• Fabric : Digitally printed

• The inks used are water based 100% solvent free. Cold wash; hot iron.
• The pictures here are examples only. Each pack is delicious and different.

• To best preserve colour vibrance, the throw may be washed on delicate, and line dried.

• In stock and ready to ship.

Just a little thing.... If you do decided to sell your items, I would really appreciate it if you could mention my label once item is in your shop. Thank you :)

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