Terms and conditions are as follows:

Pre-orders are closed.

We offer our prints for pre-order as we cannot print all our designs on all our fabrics. This gives our customers an opportunity to order new & classic doops prints! So please place your order in the time line we have given as this is our last drop of fabric for this year and we are only printing what you order. Pre Order items do take approx 8 weeks to be printed and posted however sometimes these time frames can extend due to unforeseen circumstances (shipping delays, customs checks etc.). Please note we do not offer refunds if timeframes exceed the recommended wait as it is something out of our control. We will aim to get your items delivered in a timely manner.

We cannot combine orders if you order more than one order.

We wanted to know what our customers were waiting for in our fabrics. In addition, this allows us to know how much we need to print so no one misses out. Here's your chance to pre-order our upcoming designs and some of your favourites for one week only. In the event that you are unable to find the design you are looking for in our pre-orders section, please contact us at

If you are a wholesaler this is your opportunity to order now if you were after a design in the 6 fabrics we have to offer. Again if you were after a particular print that isn't in our pre-order section, please contact us so we can organise an order and wholesale discount.

 * Shipping calculated after order is processed.  

10 (5M) $160 10 CO10 $144 14.40
40 (20M) $640 20 CO20 $512 $12.80
60 (30M) $960 30 CO30 $672 $11.20
80 (40M) $1,280 40 CO40 $768  $9.60 


 * apply the right code at checkout to receive your discount.